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Lentelus Farms is an agroecological farming business in Comox Valley, Beautiful British Columbia. We strive to practice a form of agriculture that is regenerative and restorative to the land we farm.

My name is Dave, and my passion is creating sustainable solutions for the agricultural industry. I come from a diverse farming and conservation science background. I have experience in sustainable forestry and natural resource conservation which I studied at UBC in Vancouver, providing me with a balance between theoretical scientific knowledge, practical skills and work ethic. My Dad’s a viticulturist (wine grape farmer)  and my Mum’s a brilliant cook and caregiver who has a contagious love of quality, fresh ingredients and celebrating a good meal with family and friends.

The name "Lentelus" is a nod to my late grandfather, a philosopher, writer, cook and farmer, Marthinus Versfeld. He named his farm Lentelus which roughly translates into "joy for spring" trying to cheer things up in a valley known for its depressing farm names (Diepte van ellende meaning depths of despair and Verdoominis kloof, Valley of damnation to name but a few). I grew to love the land, nature and lifestyle of farming on our family farm in the Bo-Kouga, South Africa.

After years of resisting my farming heritage and searching out other enviro-centric jobs, I have acknowledged my growing desire to become part of a local community and contribute to BC's agroecological farming community. I now lease three small farms in the Comox Valley. I scientifically manage a heritage cross breeding program for my pigs, creating some of the best meat known to man kind! We promote the sustainable consumption of meat, "eat less meat, but eat better meat" is a line you'll often hear from Dave. Our meat is of the highest quality, characterized by its delicious intramuscular marbling well not being overly fatty. Great meat, with a great conscience!

All our animals are allowed to express their true nature here at Lentelus Farms. Pigs get to roll in the mud, forage on fresh pasture, socialize and play in groups. Our products are 100% free of antibiotics, growth hormones or steroids, GMOs and are not subjected to any of the inhumane practices considered standard operation procedures in confinement operations, like farrowing crates, teeth clipping and the clipping of tails on baby piglets.

We look forward to sharing news, tips and updates about agroecological farming on Vancouver Island to fellow sustainable  local  food enthusiasts!