Lentelus Organics has completed a Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) for the farm it currently leases, Minto Farm. We've identified several projects that qualify for funding on the farm under the EFP. Information on the projects will be shared here.

Students from the UBC CONS 451 class of 2015, spent a weekend in November helping out on the farm. Several of them volunteered to  build nest boxes targeting the Western bluebird ( Sialia mexicana) which is a red listed species in BC, mainly due to the loss of nesting habitat which was traditionally large standing dead trees  in Gary Oak ecosystems. Others helped with the removal of scotch broom (Cytisus scoparius) a extremely invasive specie found on Vancouver Island, intentionally introduced and spread as a bank stabilizer by the highways department. 

Cover-cropping trials are being implemented all over the farm. We're looking at how different covercrop species respond to  deer browsing in one of the unfenced fields and the winter growth rates of potential livestock forages interspersed with soil builders. Dr. Art Bomke provided me with a large amount of a urban covercrop mix he and the 2015 Practicum of Sustainable Agriculture (UBC Farm) formulated that I'm trialing on a market garden scale on the farm. Covercrops hugely benefit both the farmer and the environment, they have the ability to do all of the following: Reduce fertilizer costs by fixing nitrogen and adding organic matter to the soil, reduce weed pressure, prevent erosion, create beneficial insect habitat, bee forage, conserve moisture in soil, increase soil microorganisms, and many more.