Whole Pigs

Whole Pigs



Deposits are now being accepted for whole and half pigs. Pigs are available every month of the year, please send me an email after you put your order in and let me know when you’d like you pig and I’ll do my best to accommodate you.

$200 dollar deposits, are required to secure your whole pig (Just a click away). The deposit helps keep the farm afloat, well the pigs are frolicking around the farm.

These pigs where all born on my farm from my small mixed heritage breeding herd. They are a cross between the following breeds: Large Black, Wild Boar,  Berkshire, Tamworth and Duroc. I'm developing my own crossed heritage breeding lines to produce the most succulent and flavorful pork you have ever eaten! These pigs thrive on pasture that I seed specifically for their dietary needs and are finished on a ration of my own spray-free grains that I grow here in the Comox Valley, as well as a ration of locally mixed non-gmo hog feed (primarily made from oats, barley and peas). 

What do I get? I raise my pigs to a  hanging weight of approximately 180 lbs to 200lbs. This is before the meat is butchered into your chops, roasts, bacon, sausage, ribs, hams etc. I charge $4.00/hanging weight lb for a whole pig. This does not include slaughter and butchering costs, which range from $200-400/ pig, depending on the amount of curing, smoking etc. that you decided to have done to your meat. I send you a custom butchering form 2 weeks before they are due to go into the butchers.

You're looking at about 130 lbs of butchered meat from a 180lb hanging weight pig. The butcher can save the fat, offal and bones for you as well. This will cost you: $720 to 800 plus $250ish for butchering and slaughter, Totaling approximately $900 to $1100/whole pastured pig.

Pick up is from Gunther Bro's butchery or my farm. Delivery can be arranged.

Please email me at: lentelusfarms@gmail.com to confirm when you would like your pig, our pork is available nearly year round now!


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