The Meat Box

The Meat Box


The meat box: Cost is $110/month valued at over $120.

This box was designed to meet the needs of a family of two who like to cook a few nights a week. It's a great way to start your foray into the world of wholesome delicious pastured meat.

This box generally contains around 10 pounds of meat (fluctuates with value of cuts), this could include

  • Two to three pounds of artisanally made pork sausage,

  • One package of bacon (this could include our traditional thick cut bacon, our crispy jowl bacon or our delicious Canadian back bacon)

  • A pound of pastured pork chops

  • A package of pastured chicken (This could include breasts, thighs or drumsticks)

  • A pound or two of Natural Pastures, Salmon safe, 100% grassfed and finished, organically grazed ground beef.

The box will change with the seasons, reflecting what's local and fresh. We occasionally raise lamb and turkey as well.

Pay now for the first and last month of your subscription. Cancel at anytime, with no penalty. 

We can arrange a direct billing system so you can pay monthly for the at box subscription. The $220 covers your first and last months meat box.

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