Pasture Raised Thanksgiving Turkey

Pasture Raised Thanksgiving Turkey


Canadian Thanksgiving Turkey

Pick-up fresh on Friday October 5th between 13:00 and 19:00 at the farm (1821 Anderton).

Frozen Turkeys available for Christmas.

All our pasture raised turkeys will be between 10 and 16 pounds. Our turkeys are free to roam on the lush pastures of Beaver Meadows, right here in the Comox Valley.

We're charging $4.50/fresh pound - this includes processing and packaging. We personally do the processing at a governmenty inspected facility to insure humane handling and best managemnt practices right to the end.

Happy Turkeys. Happy and Healthy Consumers, and a Happy Environment.

All our products are raised with the lowest carbon and ecological footprint possible.

We ask for a $35 deposit to reserve your Turkey, this is to help with the day to day upfront costs of the farm. The deposit will be taken  off your bill when you pick-up your turkey. 

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